CNC Programmer

·       Work with the estimator to quote potential jobs.

·       Create work instructions for new jobs being processed.

·       Fabricate and install jaws and fixtures per the job instruction.

·       Analyze blue prints and write programs per job instruction.

·       Gather the appropriate tooling for the program, ordering if needed.

·       Update and modify programs to increase efficiency and production.

·       Set offsets and perform first piece quality checks.

·       Train and explain to operators how to correctly run the programmed part.

·       Troubleshoot programming and equipment issues.

·       Understand speed and feed rates of tooling in various material.

·       Complete daily production sheets.

·       Perform and complete all inspection sheets.

·       Maintain machine rates and quality of product.

·       Package and label the completed material per packing specifications.

·       Cross functional training as required or as needed.



·       Ability to read blue prints.

·       Ability to use calipers, micrometers, and other measuring tools.

·       Experience with vertical and horizontal machining centers.

·       Experience with lathes.

·       Basic trigonometry and computer skills.

·       Fluent in “G” and “M” code.

·       Excellent written and oral communication skills.

·       Problem solving and analytical skills.

·       Ability to operate an overhead crane.

·       Ability to operate a forklift.