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Sr. Production Supervisor

Supervises and coordinates all front line supervisors along with the activities of Union production workers in order to achieve production schedule completion dates, quality expectations, production labor standards, and overall customer requirements in a safe and consistent manner. The position will be responsible for equipment assembly, component fabrication, shipping and receiving, stockroom, inventory control and HS&E in a multi-shift environment


Employee Responsibilities

·         Interviews and hires direct work force in conjunction with established company policies both bargaining and non-bargaining personnel.  

·         Performs employee evaluations to determine skill level, which results in defining training

requirements and progression within the job classification system.

·         Manages employees in accordance with established company rules and regulations and

administers consistent disciplinary action accordingly.

·         Directs daily activity in connection with UAW contractual agreement.

·         Provides training or training assessments to union workers to develop skills and capability of work force.

·         Interprets company policies to workers and enforces consistent regulations in the following areas:  ISO; HS&E; and, other associated work rules.

·         Analyzes and resolves work related problems and/or grievances, or assists workers in solving work related problems.

·         Suggest and/or initiates plans to motivate workers to achieve work goals.

·         Establishes sound communications with work force to support company goals as well as to interpret feedback to increase productivity and efficiency of work force.


Productivity Related:

·         Studies production schedules and estimates labor requirements for timely completion of job assignments. 

·         Assigns employees to job based on skills required of the job and manages progress related to quality, efficiency, and on-time completion.

·         Organizes work areas in a neat and orderly fashion to obtain maximum efficiency and productivity. 

·         Work with all interrelated departments to resolve design, material, or other problems through completion of assigned projects.

·         Generates ECN's based on required modifications or requests for improvement to engineering.

·         Interprets specifications, blue prints and job orders to workers and assigns duties accordingly.

·         Adjusts or establishes new work procedures to meet production schedules.

·         Recommends measures to improve production methods, equipment performance, and output of product.

·         Suggests changes in working conditions and use of equipment to increase efficiency of shop, department, or work crews.

·         Confers with associates to coordinate activities of individual departments.

·         Must control project efficiency with in established labor budgets.